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Pre-owned / Used

 When it comes to used sprayers, Househam and Spraycare offer machines of all types, sizes and makes. Most used machines are comprehensively serviced in our workshops. Many of the machines are offered with a Househam warranty, depending of course on their age and hours.
With a constant sale of new self propelled, trailed and mounted machines on order, there is usually a stream of good quality pre owned machines in stock or arriving soon. Check our listings on these pages for up to date information.


We always have a wide knowledge of machines available, so give Kevin

a call and he will endeavour to search for the machine you require.


Our used sprayer specialist, Kevin Calcagnile, has over 20 years experience with the company, many of those years spent servicing the very machines he is now selling so can offer the potential purchaser a great knowledge of each individual sprayer.
The Used sprayer stock is constantly changing, but if what you want is not on the list, feel free to call any of the sales team who will search our data base to find the crop sprayer you are looking for.

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